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About the Author

As the author of the Perihelion Express, I have postponed the delivery of this story for many years, due to a myriad of competing, compelling, exciting responsibilities and pleasures, most importantly, raising and growing old with four wonderful children. My son, Greg, who I used to bounce on my knee, is now 60. My youngest daughter Kristin, 50, Michelle, 54 and Teresa 57. I have also been blessed with eleven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. What a great life!
At 81 years of age, however, I recognized a feeling of urgency, which swiftly became the driving force behind this, my first novel. I am simultaneously preparing a book of poetry titled “On Astor Circle” and a second novel, this one a mystery story, called “Dead At First Sight,” both of which have recently been submitted to Xlibris Publishing as well, and which, hopefully, will soon be in print.